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Residential Security

Maintain A Friendly Face And A Safe Environment At Your Residential Facility

The level of security of a residential area has long been recognized as a major significant concern for people looking to buy or rent in an apartment complex, high-rise condominiums, and gated communities.

This goes without saying that, property owners and managers need reliable security setup or systems in place against the rising toll of neighborhood criminal activities like theft, vandalism, property damage, and even drug peddling – not just to protect their investment but the lives and property of their residents.

Superior Security At Competitive Rates

Central Guards Security has an unimpeachable record in the provision of physical and smart security solutions for residential buildings and gated communities. With over 15 years of experience partnering with property owners and home developers, we’re continually committed to creating customized security solutions that are tailored to meet the unique needs of our residential clients.

Our integrated approach to residential security paired with our proven methodology which includes crime deterring tactics, comprehensive risk assessment and deployment of physical security personnel and IT solutions that helps eliminate the risk of criminal activities – providing a safe and secure environment for the occupants.

Our security personnel is courteous yet highly vigilant with well-developed situational intelligence to evaluate and act when the occasion calls for action. You get to choose the style and type of uniform that suits the role of our security officers. You can choose them to look like law enforcement.

Our Residential Security Services Include:

  • Manned Security team to protect community access points, verify residents and monitor visitors’ traffic with connected security management technologies.
  • Mobile or foot patrol to secure the premises and actively deter theft, loss, damage and unlawful activities. We conduct patrols both internally and externally to ensure the maximum security of our clients.
  • Concierge and service entrance access control teams that ensure the safety of residents, protect the property and improve the quality of life for the residents.
  • Provision of security consultants to help assess/evaluate threats that assist in the early detection or prevention of crime.
  • Provided our client’s situation is more pressing, we can supplement our physical security by designing and installing state-of-the-art monitoring devices and intrusion protection systems, as the case may be.

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