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Construction Site Security

Building Trust And Ensuring Protection On Construction Sites

Most construction sites are left unprotected. They often lack special surveillance facilities, fences and nearly no one cares about equipment safety. An estimate from the NER (National Equipment Register) shows that only in the last year, 250 million to one billion dollar’s worth of construction site equipment was stolen, with just a 25% of recovery rate.

Being a low-margin business, any loss due to theft and acts of vandalism can severely affect the profit margin. Some builders opt to save money by avoiding security expenses with low margins. Although it seems menial at first glance, an act of theft or vandalism can shake up the whole budget, cause production delays, and bump the overall cost by increasing the spending on repairs and replacements.

Consequently, construction security is the new normal. It has become an industry essential, with more and more builders opting for the best security services to protect their most valued but vulnerable possessions.

24/7 Sitewide Security For Construction Sites

With construction site security becoming such a significant issue, Central Guards is committed to protecting the construction sites of their client. Construction site security poses some serious challenges. The sites are often unorganized, have multiple entrances, and are laden with valuable goods. This is the reason construction security is very different from other conventional jobs.

The security guards need specialized training to cope with innumerable challenges at construction sites. Construction security requires complete vigilance and keen observation. The guards are instructed to keep a close eye on the movement of construction workers and valuable equipment. In addition, the security guards must maintain a register to prevent the entry of any unknown personnel and note the outbound movement of any material.

To maintain its reputation in New Hampshire, Central Guards has set exceptional standards for recruitment and deployment. All security guards are ex-military and police, specifically trained in the line of duty. The agency not only trains the guards but also shares details with clients to build trust and improve the security of their site. All guards are equipped with the most modern communication devices and weapons and are fully trained to use various weapons and tools in the case of any emergency. Recruitment is one thing, but to ensure that only the healthy and fit show up on the job, the company conducts weekly medical tests of guards and personnel. These reports are also shared with clients to prevent mistrust between the two parties.

Site Theft Prevention & Accident Response

All security guards that the company provides are physically and mentally fit, experts in their jobs, and have vast experience. The company can offer both unarmed and armed security personnel on the clients’ demand. Although most clients prefer armed personnel for a highlighted sense of security, unarmed guards at the construction site are more valuable because they aim to deter criminal activity rather than confront it.

Apart from top-class services, the agency has an excellent reputation for keeping expenses within budget. Often, security service agencies charge extravagantly in exchange for services. They can force builders to install a surveillance system at sites for further protection. And while the surveillance system may look nice on paper, it is expensive, requires continuous maintenance, and can be easily hacked or broken. Central Guard has no such proposals. To keep the full service within budget, the agency solely focuses on deploying trained guards to the construction sites. The agency does not force builders to install any kind of CCTV but relies on the vigilance of the security personnel to prevent mishaps.

Central Guards is one of the region’s most trusted and recognized security service providers. Apart from construction site security, the company also provides services to hospitals, shopping centers, and residential, industrial, retail, and commercial areas. No matter what kind of condition it is, the agency will always have the back of its customers.

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