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Hotel Security

What Do Hotel Security Guards Do?

Hotel security officers are responsible for providing safety in hotels. They help protect guests and their valuables, as well as fellow hotel employees. Typically, hotel security guards do not carry firearms, although there might be weapons on the premises they can access if required1. Here are ten examples of what hotel security does:

  • Patrolling the hotel premises (both interior and exterior)
  • Checking the parking area and ensuring there are no unauthorized vehicles
  • Ensuring all hotel doors are locked and that all rooms are properly silent
  • Monitoring who enters, and who leaves, the hotel
  • Filling in the security log (this is a small report of what areas have been checked)
  • Monitoring the security cameras
  • Responding to emergency situations such as fires or medical emergencies
  • Escorting guests to their rooms
  • Investigating suspicious activity
  • Providing assistance to guests

Concierge Security Services

  • Coordination of all common facilities such as parking, elevators, party room and guest suite bookings.
  • Monitoring security cameras and ensuring video equipment is functional
  • Facilitating entry of authorized visitors and trades people
  • Accepting packages and deliveries
  • Enforcing parking rules and regulations
  • Responding to telephone inquiries by residents and visitors

Front Desk Management

  • Front desk management
  • Security patrol tours
  • 24/7 Communications Centre monitoring department.
  • Our communications security software is designed as a centralized database to maintain confidential internal records.

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