Security Guards in Salem, NH

Do you need Security Guards in Salem? We provide distinguished security officers and patrol services for personal, residential, commercial, and other purposes in Salem, NH

Our primary business is security guard services—both armed and unarmed security officers in Salem. We partner with clients from every industry, providing a robust solution that’s reasonably priced. It’s our obligation to provide security officers and patrol services of the superior quality at attractive prices.

Professional Armed Security Guards in Salem


Armed guards are mainly aimed at protection that entails a better level of security. It is advisable to use armed guards with regards to protection of money, valuable items or other stuff which may be vulnerable to armed robbing.

At Central Guards Security Services, our well-trained and field-experienced armed guards are able to evaluate, comprehend, and respond to intense situations to keep your possessions protected from the uncertain nature of criminals or offenders.

Our higly-trained armed security guards in Salem are prepared to protect your premises or event from threats and keep everybody safe. Our armed guards are the finest choice for construction sites, large businesses to small retail locations.


highly competent Unarmed Security Guards in Salem

Unarmed Does Not Mean inexpert

Hiring the right Security plays an important part in loss prevention and crime deterrence. In various facilities, unarmed security guards are a perfect deterrent of crimes such burglary and vandalismUnarmed Security Guards generate a secure presence and are responsible for the protection and security of individuals, possessions, and buildings. 

Central Guards Security Services is the dependable security service company that offers  highly professional unarmed guards services in Salem. Every client and property have different solutions and we serve every valued client individually, furthermore, many businesses do not expect violent events happeing on their property. Based on these grounds, a large number of our customers select unarmed security in their facility or premsis.

Professional Car Patrol Services in Salem

Highly visible. Deters vandalism, theft and trespassers.

A vehicle patrol service is ideal for any client who is searching for an effective solution to keep their site safe and secure. Here at Central Guards Security Services, we specialize in providing premium and affordable car patrol services in Salem. Our patrol services are available throughout New Hampshire, and they can be customized to deal the security issues of parking lots, gated neighborhoods, school buildings, business complexes, and other large or sprawling places. For premises that are more difficult to navigate with a vehicle, we also offer mobile patrols by foot, bike, or golf cart. With our skilled guards regularly patrolling your grounds, we’ll effectively inhibit loitering, trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other criminal or unwanted activity.

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The recommended security services will be based on your concerns, the type of business, location, environment, and the number of employees you have.



We'll send out a proposal for you that includes pricing info, an outline of services that will be provided, and the length of service. A proposal will be sent out within 24 hours.



Once the contract is signed, we'll set up an onsite meeting where we will do a tour of the property. Once the tour is complete, we can discuss day-to-day operations.

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