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Looking to hire Security Guards in or near Nashua, NH? We provide esteemed security officers and mobile patrol services for personal, residential, commercial, and other purposes.

Fast Response

Central Guard Security is a first-rate security company in Nashua NH notoriously known for our quick response. The kind even the local authorities can’t compete with. It feels almost like you have guardian angels watching your back. Our clients continually choose us every time because of our undisputed response time when you need it the most. We are there in a jiffy!

Special Skill Training

Our security professionals are proactively trained to acquire special skills needed to efficiently protect individuals and assets against several security risks and threats – even in highly complex situations. Our security guards are also trained in occupational health and safety protocols to help you mitigate workplace risks.

Quality Assurance

To ensure results of the highest quality, we handpick people who are not only genuinely interested in protecting the interest of our clients but also possess certain basic instincts, intelligence levels, and motivation towards excellence. Even with rigorous quality assurance protocols in place, we continually evaluate the performance of our professionals to keep our “flag of quality” flying high.


Our drive is our passion for protecting what matters most to you

We love what we do. We do it ridiculously well. What you enjoy is peace of mind in our superior services, delivered by well-trained professionals who are internally motivated to keep your assets safe and secure.

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World-class Security Services in Nashua, NH


Armed or unarmed, our security guards have the highest training and situational awareness to proactively prevent and stop criminal activities – mitigating risks and protecting your assets.


Central Guards Security patrol services in Nashua, NH are unrivaled in the entire state. Our mobile patrol teams are well experienced in securing all kinds of locations including personal property, gated communities, malls, and commercial real estate.


Need guards stationed on your property or place of business? We have security professionals who have undergone rigorous training and have been equally vetted to suit your needs. Central Guards Security provides onsite security for residential and commercial purposes creating safe, relaxed, and stress-free experiences for our clients.

Why Choose Central Guards Security?

Cordial relationships with clients

There's nothing robotic about the way we work with clients. Just as we provide the highest level of security for our clients, we also go the extra mile to put satisfactory smiles on their faces with every interaction. We secure and protect because we care.

Elite security officers & experts

We take great pride in our team of professionals and their work. Each security officer we hire has undergone military-grade training along with our meticulous vetting process to ensure you get the best security team that work beyond your expectations.

Industry-standard training

Central Guard Security prioritizes the training of each guard to effectively carry out their tasks – beyond industry standards. Our highly certified training instructors drill and prepare our guards for the outside world. Our guards are also trained to manage and resolve conflicts in case of an escalating situation.

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Trained Armed Security Guards in Nashua


Armed guards are predominantly aimed at protection that demand a higher-level of security. It is suggested to use armed guards with regards to protection of cash, valuable items or other goods which may be prone to armed robbing.

At Central Guards Security Services, our efficient and seasoned armed security officers are able to evaluate, realize, and react to severe stress situations to keep your premises protected from the unpredictable nature of criminals or culprits.

Our professional armed security guards in Nashua are ready to protect your business or event from threats and keep everyone safe. Our armed guards are the ideal choice for construction sites, large companies to small retail stores.


well trained Unarmed Security Guards in Nashua

Unarmed Does Not Mean untrained

Incorporating the proper Security plays an key role in loss prevention and crime deterrence. In various places, unarmed security guards are a perfect deterrent of crimes such vandalism and burglaryUnarmed Security Guards build a secure presence and are responsible for the protection and security of individuals, possessions, and premises. 

Central Guards Security Services is the reliable security service organization that provides  highly professional unarmed guards services in Nashua. Each and every client and property have different environment and we serve every valued client individually, furthermore, many businesses do not expect violent events occurring on their property. Based on these grounds, a large number of our clients select unarmed security in their business or area.

Professional Vehicle Patrol Services in Nashua

Highly visible. Deters vandalism, theft and trespassers.

A vehicle patrol service is best-suited for any client who is searching for a cost-effective solution to keep their site safe and secure. At Central Guards Security Services, we take pride in providing professional and economical vehicle patrol services in Nashua. Our patrol services are available across New Hampshire, and they can be customized to cover the security issues of parking lots, gated neighborhoods, school buildings, business complexes, and other large or sprawling areas. For properties that are difficult to navigate with a car, we also offer mobile patrols by foot, bike, or golf cart. With our skilled guards regularly patrolling your area, we’ll successfully deter loitering, trespassing, vandalism, theft, and other criminal or unwanted activity.

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This first step sets the stage. You speak with one of our security consultants. We'll chat about your concerns and potential risks to your business/people/assets.

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The recommended security services will be based on your concerns, the type of business, location, environment, and the number of employees you have.



We'll send out a proposal for you that includes pricing info, an outline of services that will be provided, and the length of service. A proposal will be sent out within 24 hours.



Once the contract is signed, we'll set up an onsite meeting where we will do a tour of the property. Once the tour is complete, we can discuss day-to-day operations.

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