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Campus Security - New Hampshire

Universities and college campuses are scholastic institutions for higher learning where people from different walks of life converge to learn and develop themselves in hopes of a better and brighter future.

Many would perceive university institutions as being safe environments where education is the common language for everyone. However, it is an irrefutable fact that students and staff often become victims of crime within the campus.

The crimes of rape, theft, assault, vandalism, and murder that take place nationwide are also gradually affecting university institutions that don’t have the proper security and technology to monitor and eliminate these threats. We can help!

Campus Security That’s Efficient and Reliable

Central Guards Security has the technological know-how and highly-trained security professionals to provide round the clock protection against crimes and other unlawful activities in universities and college campuses.

Our unrivaled ability to work cohesively with college students and staffers to provide maximum security that’s highly effective sets us apart from other security companies who indulge in half measures to deal with threats to our very own higher institutions. Nothing but the best is what’s acceptable when human lives are at stake and that’s what you get with our security services.

Whether your institution is large or small, public or privately owned, irrespective of its setting, we will tailor our solutions to meet your security concerns and needs – giving you the highest level of campus security. We have a comprehensive understanding of the potential security risks looming in most universities and our years of experience paired with rigorous training has taught us how to mitigate those risks and provide the safest environment for learning for students and staff.

We know that every campus is different with its own culture, goals, physical layout, geographical location, student and staff population – which are highly specific. That’s why we take a no-compromise approach to install proactive security systems and solutions that are carefully designed for your institution alone.

We specialize in the following services for campus security:

  • Campus Patrol Teams: covering strategic high-risk areas at all times in branded uniforms to deter perpetrators of crime from even thinking of committing a criminal act within campus premises.
  • Residential Life Security: ensuring the complete safety of students in their dorms and staff in their residential quarters.
  • Campus Activities and Event Security: Do you have a special event planned inside your institution, we can provide manned security and crowd control for that special day to ensure your event is as smooth as butter.
  • Traffic Control: We also provide security personnel to monitor and control the traffic around the campus including parking lot control.
  • Campus terrorism detection and prevention: we have specially recruited security officers who are highly trained in the early detection and prevention of bomb using K9 and other advanced security technologies.
  • Anti-Riot Security: We can help control and subdue riot incidents within the campus without violence or use of force.

Our Campus Security personnel are trained and well-oriented in their roles and responsibilities which include:

  • Effective communication with faculty, staff, and students.
  • Have a comprehensive knowledge of campus law, policies and procedures.
  • Restrictions according to instructions received from employers preventing entry of unauthorized persons.
  • Supervision role during college activities and events.
  • Primary role in campus safety and special security issues, e.g, active shooter and campus violence.

Don’t leave the security of your university or college campus to chance. Contact us for personalized security solutions built to defend and protect.

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